Membership Benefits

Benefits of IIFP Membership

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Membership Benefits

Our mission is to raise the professional level of employees in the Islamic finance industry through the adoption of Shariah, ethical standards and rules that govern training, and accreditation of training institutions, trainers, and training programs.

We are committed to raising the level of employees in the Islamic finance industry, standardize the training discipline and provide services for accreditation of training institutions, trainers and training materials, as well as issuing various professional certificates.

IIFP Membership Benefits

Be a member of a prestigious International infrastructure institution that represents the Islamic financial services industry.

Have an exclusive access to closed discussion platforms, regional events, roundtable discussion, and member’s sessions in order to be able to communicate, coordinate and interchange experiences and opinions among the pool of IIFP members.

Participate in the industry decision making through the above IIFP’s platforms.

Participate in industry decision making through being a member in IIFP annual stakeholders’ summit.

Outstanding opportunities to network with IIFP member institutions and other senior policy makers, strategic partners and regulatory and supervisory authorities.

IIFP Research and Publications

Members can have access to IIFP Publications on specific reports, position papers, periodical newsletter and market related research on key emerging Islamic finance developments around the world through IIFP members Zone.

Be eligible to receive free hard copies of all IIFP publications upon request.

Receive a discount for advertising in IIFP publications.

As an IIFP member you enjoy access to unrivalled technical and market knowledge along with practical support for your continuous professional development. What’s more, you become integrated into a huge network of like-minded professionals.

IIFP Professional Development

The IIFP’s qualified member Continuous Professional Development (CPD) scheme provides a practical framework for ensuring development is addressed in a structured way to meet members personal needs, the needs of the employer and the requirements of the IIFP as a professional body. The scheme is designed to ensure qualified members remain competent and up-to-date and to separate them, as a member of a profession, from the mass of insurance and financial services practitioners.

The scheme, in form of seminars and workshops, caters for all qualified members, irrespective of their specialism, discipline or geographical location. For the nascent IIFP, the scheme is annual and mandatory for all members.

Benefit from IIFP Training certificates in Islamic Finance in more than 10 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.