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Programmes & Services

These are the Programmes and Services we Currently Offer

Publishing introductory literature, books, periodicals and Islamic Fiqh Encyclopedias, studies and research and other modem means of publication.

Organizing conferences, seminars, lecturers, meetings and workshops to realize the Institute’s objectives.

Co-operating with competent authorities and private bodies who share similar objectives to promulgate laws and lay down standards to regulate Islamic banks and financial institutions and related Islamic bodies and encouraging the issue of government and non-government financial instruments.

Creating a database to project the Institute’s mission and Islamic financial and economic action very strongly and efficiently through various available technologies.

Participating in the formulation of training programs to improve the professional standards of Human Resources power in the Islamic banking and financial fields.

Supporting the activities of Islamic financial institutions through the innovation of new financial products that satisfy market needs, and by putting in place procedures and quality standards for Islamic financial products.

Developing a Code of Ethics for the Islamic financial industry to ensure its safety and protection.

 Performing any duties that further attain the Institute objectives.