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What Sets Us Apart

Values endorsed by the IIFP define acceptable standards of behavior and conduct of individuals in their personal and professional life as well as support the realization of the objectives and goals of Islamic economics generally with respect for a path guided by the higher intents and objectives of the Shari’ah. The values consist of consideration to secure public good and prevent harm through the individual and collective obligations of human beings to each other and to society.

The values emphasized in Islam are neither time-bound nor biased by the whims of human beings; they prescribe compassion, leniency and benevolence over and above the universal values generally acknowledged and intended to secure the welfare of the society as a whole.

Islamic belief is that human beings are guided by motivations governed by the higher instincts which their Creator has placed within them, and when motivations are properly guided and regulated, this leads to fairness, justice and equity in dealings and generosity in the flow of wealth. On the contrary, without these instinctive motivations can lead to injustice, exploitation, selfishness, intolerance and a mad race to accumulate wealth at the expense of others and long-term damage to the normal order of society.

The IIFP values are expressed below

Justice and fairness in all dealings

 Distinguishing what is right from wrong and immoral

 Good intentions in personal and professional life that reflect credibility in society

 Fulfilment of obligations to others and the wider society

 Transparency and honesty in all dealings

 Accountability and responsibility for one’s actions

 Seeking public good and preventing harm


 Enhancing knowledge and competence